Ramblings #0825

8.16am – The peace and quiet of a Sunday morning is suddenly broken by shouts of singing that goes, “… I think I want to marry you…!!” Right. Its a happy occasion. I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart but at the same time, I feel like scolding them. It’s a Sunday where most people can try and catch some rest and yet you guys are disrupting the peace and creating noise pollution by shouting at the top of your lungs, not singing. And continuing yelling and screaming. Hmm… I seriously don’t remember my wedding being such a noisy one. Yes, it’s fun but not noisy till such. Keep your volume down a little please. It’s not 10am in the morning. My baby had been tossing around since your terrible “singing”.

8.59am – Just followed up with the news on the Malaysia Airlines, and apparently they found 2 people holding missing passports on board the plane!! Terrorist act?? Hmm… but if it’s due to an explosion. Surely there would be some sort of debris found, wouldn’t it? Right now, it’s just some oil. Distress call… only done through cockpit?

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