6.03am – Waking up at 6am in the morning is definitely not a normal thing to do but I’m simply too tired to prepare whatever stuff that I need later. So here I am, struggling to keep my eyes open and mixing the fondant and the colours… Urgh…

7.45am – Erm… I’m starting to wonder if it’s a correct decision to accept the lil’ hub’s kind gesture to send me to the MRT station… *starring at my watch*

7.58am – So happy that the lil’ hub offered to send me to the class! SOOOOOOO nice of him… ^^ Hey! I never intended to get him to send me okay! I had wanted to ask my dad to send me to class because I was a little late (with one missing preparation item), and there’s a lot of things to carry. Furthermore, which is the more jialat one, it’s the second day and I’m really freaking tired.

8.06am – Seems like happiness is really short-lived when the lil’ hub simply shot a comment, saying that I’m really pampered, to want to get my dad to send me all the way to the class at Circular Road… Am I, really? I considered for quite a while before I decided to get my dad to wake up so early. If not for the previous comments that they were saying that my dad could use the car after that, I would have just grabbed a cab and go down on my own. And did I do it that frequently? And I DID really consider taking the train on my own when you commented that you are going to send me to the MRT station. But another rough calculation of the time tells me that I’ll be late if I do that, after you are done with patting little milkie for a while, your washing up, walking over to the carpark and starting of the car, and what not. NO, it’s not your fault, you already did it fast enough. I just never take it into calculation of all these when I agreed to let you send me to the station, and that’s an additional of 15 minutes from the time I agreed.

So that’s it. I’m pampered. And it hurts to hear that from you.

And you know what? I really regretted accepting your offer to send me all the way there. And that’s one reason why I always try not to ask you for help, for anything although you ARE my husband, because you don’t usually help anyone. Everything would be so nice and wonderful, and I intended to give you so many plus points, had you not made that comment. Despite the exhaustion, I was really very happy till you said that sentence. Not that I’m not open to negative comments, I’m just not when I felt being judged unfairly.

Guys and gals, it’s a very simple thing. If you want to offer your help, offer it willingly and happily. Otherwise, there’s totally NO POINT at all by giving a half-f*ck help. That’s as good as not helping, or even worse than helping, really.

… there’s a reason why I love my blood-related family so much… because they NEVER (or hardly) seem to mind giving a helping hand (as long as that person ain’t taking it for granted). *Speechless, sob*

1.53pm – Stupid idiotic cab driver. SHC4849G. Why do I have to keep on noting down cab’s car plates number?

3.31pm – Mood’s still not really that good after so long… felt like having some peace today, on my own…

11.45pm – Felt sweet when little milkie turned around and said “谢谢, 妈咪” after I covered her legs with the blanket. Really, I seriously hope that all those teachings will help her to grow up into someone unlike the youngsters nowadays. But at the same time, I also hope that she’ll learn how to defend for herself, for it’s not a nice world out there anymore.


11.53pm – I have no idea what this is, but it looks nice when I saw it in the gallery in my handphone.

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