1.42am – Time to sleep after a nice chat with the lil’ hub. Hmm… I’m really a person of little words as lil’ hub was commenting that he’s always the one talking. But… I guess that’s how I’m like, right (most of the time)?

7.54am – The creative and cluttered corner.


8.18am – *Opens the door and…* Ah, the haze is bad. *Cough*


9.29am – So… after reading all the updated news regarding MH370, any conclusions? Apparently none. It’s still a mystery as to how can a plane just vanished. Third dimension? Hmm… well… who knows. Anyhow, time to start work before my boss comes and chases me again. Oops.

9.36am – I stared at the rows of data that I SUPPOSEDLY did, according to my boss, last year. *BLANK* I might be forgetful but I’m pretty sure it CAN’T be THAT bad, right? Especially where there’s really NO re-collection of it at all. None. *feeling weird*

1.56pm – An average lunch but am thankful that I don’t have to eat Indian food. Not in the mood for such taste today. *Sitting at the coffeeshop beside The Verge.


2.01pm – The colleague nearly accidentally hit a motorist just now. Knowing that it’s her fault, she frantically waved sorry to the motorist. But that guy simply kept on turning back to look at her car plate number and then scolding her. And then even stopped to take down her car plate number. I mean, seriously, what’s the point of taking down the plate number? Post of FB and let all the people go and bombard her? Sigh… Nowadays, people have lost the idea of diminishing problems where possible. As the saying goes… 大事化小,小事化无…

2.13pm – There seems to be a lot of problems going on with my admin and her family. But yet… all we could see is her running away from it instead of “fixing” it. Just like a plant, all relationship needs love, tender and care. If not well taken care of, it will easily die. Hope she heard what we are trying to tell her just now before it’s too late…

2.57pm – Time to start work. WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

3.01pm – Capturing the Freescale workers alive for making of weapons…?

4.37pm – I think I should tag one more word called “world”, when I’m talking about the environment, politics and what not. I love tags. And I’m so sleepy now. No link, but whatever.

5.10pm – Stopping work and packing up! The lil’ hub is coming to fetch me! Heeheehee.

5.33pm – PAK TOR TIME WITH THE LIL’ HUB! Heehee… FYI, it’s really important to spend some time alone with your the other half, regardless of how long you’ve been married. You need to keep the sparks up to keep the marriage going!

6.04pm – Wow… there seems to be a big renovation inside of NEX. A big part of it had been covered up. Hmm… I wonder what shops will be coming in future.

6.48pm – I’m a little startled when she suddenly approached me, asking me if I needed a carrier for the coleslaw in my hand. I nodded and she frantically went to get one for me, before sending us out. A restaurant? Not really. It’s a fast food restaurant, KFC, in fact, in NEX. They are really lucky to have employed a staff that’s like that. Though a little straight for her personality (can see and hear from the way she talks and behaves), it’s really nice to find someone so positive and friendly, and is serving you.

7.15pm – Okay, errands run. Time to go and relax, and watch a movie!

11.18pm – Sis just told me something funny when the nephew went to visit his grandfather at the columbaria. Why is he sleeping up there? Why he don’t want to come out? *LOL* Kids… Right, if only he can come out… It’s been 9 years, I was 25 then. Time really flies… Goodnight.

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