Ramblings #0836

12.54am – I knew I shouldn’t have done it. But the “anger” was building inside and I simply couldn’t resist myself when I saw the lil’ hub sleeping soundly and snoring away, while I tried to tuck little milkie to sleep. Another promise broken. It’s really all nothing but TALK. And so, I smacked him hard on his butt, till he woke up with a shock, and then I went onto the bed and slept. Irritated.

1.13am – I’m telling you. That small little peck on my cheek and holding my hand to sleep is not going to help much in such situation. There’s no even a big hug!! WTH. *even more irritated*

7.05am – Great. Another day and… the lil’ hub is still a stupid pig.

8.22am – Just shut your mouth up and stop saying all these excuses. Admit that you are wrong and suck, and it’ll be so much better. Idiot.

8.55am – *still fuming*

10.02am – I seriously wonder what all these people are doing? Indicating the wrong ticket or what not!! Are they sleeping????!!!! *FURIOUS*

10.20am – I REALLY WANT TO PUKE BLOOD!!!!!! Am I not speaking proper English again??

10.58am – This is the time where all the idiots resurfaced again. They probably never left, it’s just that I have no choice but to interact with them now, AGAIN. The word today seems to be “AGAIN”. *PULLS HAIR*

11.43am – I can’t take this anymore. This guy is GONG to the MAX. I think I better have a change of plan and start psycho-ing my ex-colleague to come back and take back his position. This guy is… dumb and dumb, and dumb… and *facepalm*

11.47am – Let’s go and eat. *locks computer*

1.58pm – There’s only one word to describe you. уге.

2.30pm – This guy is officially in my BLACK list. The gong kia. So stupid and yet thinking that he’s very smart. OMG. I can’t believe that he’s doing what he’s doing now. I really can’t. I hope he leaves this company soon. I can’t imagine working with him still in the next quarter. *puke more blood*

3.11pm – 14 tick ones. Let’s try and do those first by end of this week. THIS week, I’m serious.

5.21pm – OH YES! The boxes!

5.23pm – I think I should buy 4D this week… Hmm…

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