Ramblings #0837

1.17am – Sleeping again. Promises broken again.

7.26am – When one can’t get to sleep, and it’s almost about time to go to work, one goes to work.

8.53am – Kisses and hugs each day, keeps your wife happy everyday. You won’t need to do such patch up work HAD you remembered this. Sigh…

10.48am – Everybody busy walking around while I stoned in my seat. What am I doing? I don’t know but I don’t feel like doing anything other than immerse myself in the joy and the pain. How contradicting life can be?

10.55am – What’s the commotion about? So noisy… Sometimes, I really hated an open concept workplace. Can never seem to have some peace at all. Urgh.

3.38pm – I am, still a little startled at your question. But it felt nice and I’m glad that you asked.

4.08pm – Goodness… How the HELL would I know what you are looking out for when it’s the FIRST time I’m being asked to do!! Test results?? Hey, this is LINUX, test results does not EQUATE to sign-offs and approvals. If you want UAT approvals, then say “UAT approvals”, what’s with test results??? It ONLY means to show that it’s probably installed?!!! What kind of tone is that?!! Don’t need just say don’t need la, it’s not as if you’ve told me a lot of times. Just once only, for goodness sake. Bloody hell. Pissed me off. Now, I really am not going to give you anymore face after I gotten my second maternity! 412 more days. Ganbatte!!

4.24pm – One more hour. Endure.

4.29pm – You know. In this job of mine, whatever that I’m doing, people won’t appreciate it. It’s a dirt job. Neither here nor there. Neither an IT personnel nor auditor. Driving force? Push factor? Yes, I have lots. Even more now.

5.08pm – Heeheehee… all the fakers.

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