Ramblings #0840

12.15am – Despite my warnings to get him to stop tickling her at such hours, he continued… I hope… Sigh…

5.34am – “Mummy!” The word broke the silence of the night. This is it. The thing I feared after that session of ticklings with her dad hours ago…

6.55am – Has it ended? I turned and looked at little milkie. Yes, she’s finally back to sleep after… she cried and said she wanted to go to my Godmum’s house next door, opened the door and showed her that the door was closed, took her to look for her grandmum, back to her room to watch Tutitu, cried for milk and insisted to follow me to make the milk, drank the milk and slept, and woke up crying after she realized that I’m not beside her (I’m washing the milk bottles), and then followed me to wash the milk bottles before tossing and turning for a while and slept.

Gosh… I really felt like strangling the lil’ hub. All the more when he scolded her for crying in the middle of the night. He caused that possibility to increase to over 90% due to his action and he wanted to scold her… TMD.

7.50am – Shut up! You stupid alarm!

8.15am – Okay, I’m going to be really late…

9.06am – A job with no satisfaction. I’m coming.

9.14am – Oh. Is my admin on MC today? She got marked already for always on leave or taking MC on Monday. She better bucked up no matter what…

9.25am – Ooooh… she’s here with a “crippled” ankle. Thanks to her xxkm walk yesterday.

10.27am – Just had a long chat with a friend on the MH370. Apparently she read from somewhere where this lady dreamed on 2 instances, of the pilot and a stewardess, telling her that all of a sudden, the plane just stopped working and it fell into the ocean. But it’s their last words that puzzled her… “the world is a mysterious place”. Well… they must have seen or known something to say that…

For now, let’s hope they find the plane soon (the pilot apparently told the lady the coordinates they are in, in the dream).

10.51am – To all those telemarketers… I know it’s frustrating for you to get business or whatever. But please, as much as your day is bad, the person whom you called might not be any better. Rude lady. From some hotels or whatever.

11.13am – I knew my hunch wasn’t that wrong when I mentioned about my admin. Apparently and sadly, I’m right. It was her all along. Hmm… can’t say much except to tell her to be wiser in future, and move on. Guys cannot be trusted.

3.37pm – *Almost here by Delta Goodrem & Brian McFadden* That’s the problem with a lot of relationship. People take their partners for granted. They love them but after that, it’s just a full-stop. Or else, they simply spoke a different love language. Sigh…

5.22pm – Ah… stop nagging please… I’ll try and give you what you want.

5.41pm – Alas! Forgot to take lappie home to complete the work. But maybe I shouldn’t and just take this time to clear the “work” at home rather than clearing the work for work. What’s the worse thing that could happen? The boss nagging at me again. Whatever.

7.42pm – Hiding myself in the room to complete our yearly CNY collage. Hmm… I’ll try and take over next year. There’s no consistency in the photo such that I’m still wondering how I can go about doing it. But nonetheless, there’s some peace and quiet in here, for now. Sigh… I probably really just needed some quality sleep.

11.30pm – 2014 CNY collage finally completed! Woohoo!

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