Ramblings #0841

7.25am – *Reading back on the episodes of Rooftop Prince where he finally realizes that he misses her* Ooooooh… How sweet… I wonder if my Bebe misses me that much last time… Hmm… I doubt not. Damn.

8.56am – It’s going to be a nice day because the boss is not in office today!!! Woohoo!!! Time to knock off early! Just nice for an appointment later on. Heeheehee… Good morning Tuesday! I am still so freaking sleepy! Sooooooo looking forward to some nice sleep…

9.43am – Another one bites the dust.

11.10am – It might had been announced that MH370 is assumed to have dropped into the ocean but personally, I think there’s more to it. It simply doesn’t justify the fact that it’s purely an accident IF in fact, it still flies for another 5 hours after it disappears, and the possibility of changing course. It might as well just continue to its destination.

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