Ramblings #0842

1.32am – Great. Simply asking me to find another husband isn’t solving the problem, that’s called running away from problems, and giving bullshit answer. Sigh…

7.23am – Nonetheless… I did have quite a good sleep… ^^

9.37am – “Oh when I need you… you’ll almost here… and I know that’s not enough…”

10.40am – The anxiety is back again.

11.09am – Mysteries upon mysteries. There seems to be an increase in such cases of recent. What is happening?

2.24pm – As more and more rumours continued, will the truth finally unfolds by itself? With so many different theories going on, you never know which one is exactly the truth, especially when again, there’s no concrete evidence. Assumptions. A mental torture for the families. Some other form of torture for the passengers, if, by chance, they are still alive… if…

Another reminder to all that we are nothing but pawns. Pawns for the rich and powerful. Characters in a “Sim City”.

3.56pm – Sleepy… If only I can sleep without disturbances…

4.56pm – Busy, busy, BUSY. Busy collecting evidences. But… I need some ME time… *sob*

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