Ramblings #0846

7.36am – A nice sleep beside the lil’ hub! Ah… almost forgotten that today is Monday.

8.56am – Sigh… had I known that the lil’ hub is going to quit, I wouldn’t have opt him out for the company insurance, then at least he can claim for seeing a doctor. Hmm… wait a minute… did I claim for the flexi benefits last year? O.O

9.15am – 31 MARCH 2014!! Today is the last day for claims!! But… where is my receipt?? O.O?!!! *Pulls hair*

10.49am – Calm down. Calm down. They will send the receipt here.

11.21am – The boss chasing after me again… *Pulls hair* Relax… Relax…

11.47pm – Woohoo! The lil’ hub found the receipt at home! Yes! I’m saved!

1.37pm – Maybe there’s a reason why my luck this year says that I need to plan because otherwise, I’ll be like not, stress till I’m starting to pull my hair. Right. I know but it ain’t easy. Anyway, am glad that the lil’ hub found it and I’m going to go about doing the claim right away. And you simply can’t trust those fitness centre. Going to send me? I haven’t receive it till now. Lord knows if I’ll ever receive it from them. Sigh… talk about a good customer service.

2.42pm – Once again, I’m saved! Good to have a few buddies around in the office that helps you with the bloody work. Well, not doing the work that you are doing, just indirectly helping you so that you can succeed easily. *Phew* Relax, relax.

3.03pm – Let’s GANBATTE and clear the audit!

4.19pm – When all else fails, you binge on food, even if it’s just for a short while… Breathe…

5.10pm – There’s always songs that will help you relax. For me, it’s going to be 太烦恼 by 杨丞琳.

5.45pm – Time to go home!

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