Ramblings #0847

7.11am – I think… I’ll just get my dad to drive me to class…

1.03pm – “You have good hands. You are very precise and neat. You shouldn’t stop. But you always look so stress up and so negative. Beware of heart attack.”

Yes, I heard you but I can’t relax. So tell me what should I do? Today is already one of the rare days of recent where I don’t feel so panicky. Help me. Really. I can’t take leave for this period yet. And next week is the finale already. Seriously I’m not negative, I just don’t have the time, mood and concentration to do it well, for this period of time. When was the last time I really relax? Honestly, I can’t remember at all.

1.40pm – Ah! The rocking horse BROKE!! Damn it…

2.56pm – I can feel my body collapsing. Maybe I shouldn’t have pushed myself so hard. But… did I push? Or am I just going with the flow? Seems more like the latter. And it’s irritating when people just kept on coming before you even settled down. 3 already.

3.26pm – It’s the first day of the month. A tad too late but I guess I should do some planning for April and try harder to stick to it. Better be late than never. March’s not really well done. Went haywire at mid point. So will definitely have to do some reflecting to ensure that the mistakes won’t be repeated. Of course, some of the cause are due to external factors which is beyond my control. Nonetheless, the word is always “TRY”, like what a dear friend would say.

3.32pm – Maybe I should put some cute celebrities guys’ photos around to liven up my day, everyday.

4.07pm – All these people are making my accounts so messy… I foresee a dip in my money bank this month as I don’t have a clear view of the transactions… This is bad…

4.33pm – Indeed, it is irritating when you are already the nice guy by helping whatever you can, but yet people are still demanding more of you. Crap. Can you all just give me a break?!!!

6.59pm – I need peace. Headache. Headache. Headache.

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