Ramblings #0850

12.38am – It feels nice, really, to be sleeping at this hour. I feel good. Really good for a few hours. For the first time after almost a month, I can feel my heart and mind in a relax normal mode. I love that, I miss that.

5.42am – Huh? What is this? Waking up at this hour and want to go my godmum’s house again????

5.56am – Right… so it’s because she got stomachache and thus couldn’t sleep…

6.45am – And she’s still trying to shit out.

7.32am – Oh great. There goes my alarm and little milkie is still awake…, and so am I…

9.07am – Reach office. I am fainting. Forgot to get the lil’ hub to bring the turntable and fondant. Forgot to bring my medical certificate and organizer. I hope that’s all.

9.31am – When you thought the sea is calming down… a storm comes… WTH. I thought it’s supposed to be TGIF. Lack of sleep and forgetting to bring so many things are already bad enough. And now this, AGAIN, for the… what? Third time?? OMG. Is staying in a too long relationship really that hard to bear? Sigh…

9.41am – Goodness. I’ve been sighing for the past 10 minutes.

10.19am – The brain is empty. Pimples are still popping out. A sign that says “I am too stress”. Sigh. Help me… I can hardly keep my eyes open…

10.31am – Take a DEEEEEEP breath. Let’s start clearing that 400+ emails in the Inbox first.

11.32am – WOW! The lil’ hub is showing his courage as a dad and went to buy the pill to put into little milkie’s ass! Is he going to succeed in inserting the pill in?!! O.O

2.19pm – Sleepy… Somebody help me please…

2.31pm – WOW. Did I see it wrongly? I thought I cleared till 100 emails left for this account before I left for lunch? Why is it at 118 now?? More than the number I started this morning?!! -.-”’

2.42pm – Is it really that difficult to send request to a FIXED email which I’d mentioned times and again? It’s been so long since I’ve mentioned it and yet people are making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s really getting on my nerves.

After the audit, and now I’ll have to deal with the stupidity of daily work. AHHHHH!!! This job is pissing me off REAL BIG TIME!

3.19pm – 300+ emails! Hmm… I wonder if I have the time to do reports… 2 of them… Or can I wait till Monday? Hmm… doubt so.

4.07pm – Goodness. Did I just doze off at my seat? O.O”’

6.32pm – On a Friday night, I’m leaving only at this time… Ah… How sad can it be? But what to do? The lil’ hub’s working… every Friday…

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