Ramblings #0851

10.45am – With my eyes still half closed, I typed. It’s a cooling Saturday morning. The lil’ hub’s in the toilet, little milkie is still sleeping, and so is her grandmother. Her granddad is nowhere to be seen, probably doing marketing after sending her auntie to work.

I’ve got one list of things to finish by end of today. Hopefully things will go smoothly. I hadn’t planned my weekend as what I had thought of it yesterday. Well, it’s difficult to when there’s a little one running around and refusing to sleep even after midnight, and then waking up at 5am+, demanding for milk (which she ended up drinking only a little bit). Yes, she woke up again. This time round, I doubt it’s due to a stomachache, but of the excitement and fun she received at night.

Anyway, regardless of what, I still need to get as much things done as possible. In fact, it’s almost all of it. But now, maybe I should just go and nap a little bit more. Doubt I had enough of sleep yet. And then later on, when I wake up, I’ll start to tackle with the covering of the dummy cake as well as all the figurines. 6 of them. And if I have a little bit more time, probably go catch a movie or what not. I’ve got 2 in my list now, not to mention the main list which includes tidying the room and blog. *LOL*. Press on!

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