How time flies…

Today is the 7th of April. It’s a week past the first quarter of the year 2014. What have you achieved so far?

This year seems to be a quick one, at least for me, with the first month concentrating on royal icing cake decoration, and then closely followed by Chinese New Year. Subsequently months, on training and the tedious audit at work, accompanied by various cake making sessions, and all the way till now, where I try (and am still trying) to take a breather, hopefully, after tomorrow, when I finished my sugarpaste cake decoration.

Am I too stress up?

Mum and the lil’ hub asked if my cake decoration is taking too much of my time. The answer is: Maybe. Instructor at the course said that my management of time is poor. Agreeable? Yes, indeed. Is the work at my office straining me out? Yes, definitely that too. And then what else? Well, the miscellaneous, which ranges from anything related to little milkie’s, to the work or business that I had wanted to achieve, to all the things that the lil’ hub needed my help, to the ME time that I wanted, to the ME time that my mum requested, and my finance and blah, blah, blah. I just feel like everyone and everything needed me, and there’s only ONE me.

Just dropped everything and stop doing it all, that would be what my mum and the lil’ hub would say. The 2 managers, the practical people, and another growing up to be one. Alas… I’m a connector, the Yin water, the dreamer. How… do you expect one like me, to live a life by just living everyday without any goals or whatsoever, and let the time passes me by?

Work’s in office is definitely stressing me up, and probably a big bulk of it. For if I stare at the computer for too long, I can feel my whole body tensing up, like now. And so I am going to take a short walk…

*20 minutes later*

Back after a walk to the restroom and cleared my bowels. The stomach hasn’t been at its best again for the past few days. And then there were slight cramping around. Ah… the pain of being a female. So where was I? Oh yes, the stress.

I’ll definitely point the finger at “poor time (& finance) management”. Right, I suck at it. Even till now though at times I did try hard. Take for example. Last Saturday, the lil’ hub and I were supposed to go back to our house to do our work respectively, and then after that going for a movie. But we ended up taking the lunch, and then going for the movie first, and after looking at the time upon the movie ended, there’s no point for us to go back to our house to do anything already. Yes, it’s terrible, but that’s the BIG problem with the 2 of us. Nobody plans. Wrong. I did, he did, but nobody follows.

I have an organizer, since the start of the year. I wrote all the things down until mid of March where I suddenly got so stress out and tense up, and then I stopped referring to it altogether. But even before that, the weekend’s “planned schedule” were hardly followed. I’d tried various ways, having a hardcopy organizer and a digital one with calendar, and using a task list methods, but none of these will last long. How? It has already got to a point where I felt like writing it down somewhere doesn’t seem to help much anymore.

Too many things to do. Too little time. I need a break, a REAL break. Slightly more than a week to go before little milkie’s first overseas holiday. Would that help? Or would that only accumulate more things?

I know I need to start somewhere… but where? *Pondering hard*

P/S: I only have 24 hours a day…

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