12.24am – I can’t take it anymore. My eyes can hardly keep itself open. And I can literally see “stars” around. The cramping around the lower abdomen doesn’t give me the incentives enough to stay awake and do anything. I need to sleep… I don’t care if the little one is still awake, running around or not… Nights…

5.31am – I woke up at the sound of little milkie. She’s mumbling something in her sleep, in that loud voice of hers, with her eyes still close. The voice… just like her dad and paternal grandma, ringing through the silence of the night. Gosh. I can’t get back to sleep AGAIN.

6.01am – Singing: Counting sheep is never fun. From the darkness till the dawn of sun. Cannot stand and cannot sleep. Cannot rest for a little bit…

8.15am – Oh my Lord! I’m going to be VERY VERY LATE FOR WORK! *starring at both the lil’ hub and sister who is still sleeping soundly on their bed.

8.59am – Urgh. Another 2 watches with batteries’ that is flat. Urgh. Why do I seem to be forever changing the batteries of my watches??

9.16am – Changing to my new Kate Spade long wallet! SOOOOOO nice! ^^ Shall TRY and keep myself organized with my new wallet for my finances, and the Google Keep which I used for my task list, and also my small little organizer (and Google Calendar) for time-related events. I have to, or else my life’s going to be stagnant!

“Your life does not get better by CHANCE. It gets better by CHANGE.”

10.33am – *Yawn* Gym’s gone for today. Shall go for hot yoga tomorrow instead. Today’s lunch will be KFC. A colleague wanted to order online and deliver it to the office, so might as well. Ah… I’m getting so fat.

10.50am – Singing: I bet a change… (a change, will do you good), will do you good…

Today, it’s all about changing! Change is the ONLY constant!

11.11am – Goon goon me. Fancy shaking my water bottle when the lid wasn’t closed. -.-”’

1.33pm – Took a short 15 minutes power nap on my desk. OH my, wasn’t that good. Ah… Really feeling so sleepy nowadays. With the lack of sleep and the overwhelming amount of tasks I drowned myself in, even my pimples came out. 4th one out today. Alamak.

2.04pm – It’s probably another false alarm. Shall not have high hopes to avoid disappointment.

2.47pm – Oooooh… I finally know how to use the function of my office chair… Didn’t realize that there were so many things I could adjust till now, after clearing my emails and found the training video for the chair. Nice chair. Really. Let me review it after I’d tried.

5.27pm – 3 more minutes! And then I’ll have to rush off. Can hear the thunder already. Don’t really want to be caught in the rain, and it looks like it’s going to be heavy… *shutdown in progress*

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