8.56am – Anxiety greeted me once again as thoughts of little milkie starting her childcare in July, the preparation of the holiday that’s coming next week, me and the lil’ hub’s “proposed” businesses, the things I need to complete by today and what not. Time just doesn’t seem to be enough, and so is the finance, though I did try and reserve a little for everything. Am I thinking and worrying too much?

Parents had commented that they are considering converting my dad’s car from OPC to a normal car, and that $3,400 will have to be forked out. It’s not a very big sum of money and definitely is a great idea as dad can help to pick little milkie up (as well as both my sis and I) after school. Relying on the lil’ hub had always been a bad idea for he likes to “roti prata” at the next moment. He would probably just pass me the keys and ask me to send and pick little milkie up instead, and that he’ll take the public transport. I seriously wonder (at a lot of times) how his mum taught him last time. Do everything and anything for him till he became so bloody lazy? If only… but… hmm… never mind, now it’s not the time. Ah… what would I do without my lovely dad (minus away the nags and silliness at times)?

Messy corners are everywhere. I’m glad, at least the bag that I carried to work had been cleared, and I’m going to return the library books today. And then I’ll have to pack up my cake decoration materials back to my own house this weekend (and to move back part of it 3 weeks later). Stop pushing me, that’s all I can say. I’m already trying to do things bit by bit with all the tasks on my hands.

I need to be organized. I need to plan. That’s what Joey Yap said, if I want to achieve more. Press on, girl! You can do it!

12.27pm – It’s definitely a wrong move to go for yoga classes when one is extremely lack of sleep. An even worse one when it’s HOT yoga… *focus… focus… focus…*

12.45pm – OMG… Should I just walk out of this class? I feel so sleepy whenever I’m in that downward dog position. Worse still when I’m doing the cobra. Feels like I would just fall onto the mat and sleep anytime, without warning.

2.33pm – It’s gross when you see an uncle having 3 fingers with nails as long as around 2.5cm or longer. Euk. Reminds me of zombies.

2.42pm – Just reached office. Very late but I don’t care. I only know I’m falling asleep…

3.05pm – If only there’s a button, which truly says what is written… *starring at the “Home” button* Zzzz…

3.16pm – I think it wouldn’t hurt to have a cup of noodle at this time of the day right? After having my lunch of 4 different dishes and half a bowl of rice at about 1.45pm? I’m so craving for it… and feels so hungry. Weird. I think I must be too tired. Ah… my holiday… please come quick…


5.29pm – I think I should just shut down the computer, and then go down to level 1 to read a book…

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