Ramblings #0856

9.25am – What is so funny about having to wear smart casual to watch a musical? I seriously don’t understand that. It’s a way to show some respect for the people starring in it. If you can’t even do that, and think it’s funny, I wonder if you really do know how to appreciate the musical, or is it that you only want to probably make yourself seems more “atas”. This is the same as those Chinese (both highly educated and not so highly educated) who ONLY speaks English to their children, and in the end resulting in their children unable to speak Mandarin. HELLO? Please don’t be like the KFC uncle who doesn’t know how to speak Mandarin when he’s a Chinese! It’s such a disgrace to Singaporeans!

Ok fine! I’m in a bad mood. So don’t talk to me.

11.15am – … … … … when you are more than one person… … … …

A: How are you?
B: No good. Today’s a little… lost.
A: Lack of sleep?
B: Probably. But I thought I had 6 hours of sleep…
A: Well, could be an accumulation.
B: Could be.
A: Anything that’s troubling you?
B: Maybe?
A: Do you want to talk about it?
B: I don’t know… Maybe not…
A: Okay… so how’s your planning going along?
B: Messed up. I can’t think today.
A: Okay…
B: I feel like shopping today… but I don’t have anything that I want to buy, or need to buy…
A: Just go for a walk? You might see something?
B: Maybe…
A: Take a break…
B: Okay…

1.44pm – *Back from lunch*

A: So how’s your lunch?
B: Edible.
A: Did you manage to buy anything?
B: Nope. There’s nothing to buy.A: Still feel like buying something?
B: Yes.
A: Try online?
B: But what is there to buy?
A: Books?
B: I have lots already…
A: Craft tools and materials?
B: What’s the point of buying and yet not having the time to do it?
A: Cake decorating tools?
B: My mind is blank now, I have no design in mind.
A: Clothes? Accessories? Shoes? Lingerie?
B: My figure sucks. My skin recently sucks too. I have lots of shoes. Am too lazy to change accessories. So for what again?
A: AH! Groceries???
B: Goodness! That’s like the last thing I ever want to think of!!
A: How about gadgets??
B: Yes, I’ve got a list, but it’s all in hundreds. The numbers in my bank had been dropping. So not now.
A: Okay. I think there’s some problems with you today. I think you should just go back home and take a rest. Or else go to a library and read a book. *POOF*

4.05pm – I think I’m going crazy. Because I’m sitting in the office. How can anyone sit and just face a computer for the whole day, and doing things that are so mundane?

5.16pm – WTH! Can’t dial in already!

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