7.28am – Awake. Just before the alarm rings. *Yawn*

8.36am – Monday. I hate Monday. But I shall try and endure for another 4 days before I got for a short hiatus! I desperately needed it. Ah… where should I go for my next trip? Hmm… no place seems safe other than Singapore. And anyway, I’ll have to wait after this holiday before I can consider for the other. Shall not think so far ahead for now. Try.

9.41am – Staycation? Imagine one where you do nothing except sleep, eat and blog, blog, and blog away… how nice would that be? But I guess the lil’ hub will deem me a fool to waste money on such. And would offer to “rent” out our room for me. Pity those peeps who can’t and don’t know how to appreciate life as it is. Ah…

11.43am – Sleepy.

2.13pm – Passports for Cheer Bear and Laugh-a-lot Bear completed! *ROFL* I must be too bored. But oh well, have to educate the baby right? And she’ll be delighted to have her two friends having their “passports” chopped. Now… where do I get a small cartoon chop… Hmm…


“It’s all these small little things that I do that makes me happy.” ~ .La

4.23pm – Just had a very long chat with this colleague of mine from India, one whom I can chat with. We chat about a lot of things. From donations to organizations (after I read about the “Selling of virginity in Cambodia” and that there’s this Riverkids project), till the difference between caste and class (now I finally can differentiate) in India, and then finally, on the love life between him and his… probably ex-girlfriend.

A real life love story that’s cursed by the calculations of ancient Indian methods. To believe or not to believe? A friend had told her girl that they won’t end up good. It’s either she will die, or he will. And it makes her believe more when she got sicker recently. The mother of the guy went to seek opinion from another person too. Almost the same conclusion – after 3 months, they won’t see each other again, which means either dead, divorced or one went overseas forever. And then they went ahead to seek another 7-8 opinions from different people, which ended up the same.

Alas… how tragic is this… a 7 years relationship.

The guy had came to accept the fact that the girl don’t want a marriage with him, and had arranged with his parents for a blinddate for him. He had totally gave up as love cannot be forced. If it’s you, what would you do?

5.31pm – THUNDERING! Let’s run for your life!!!

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