Ramblings #0860

9.06am – Urgh. Really felt like whacking the lil’ hub now. I’m already so freaking late, and he’s still happily driving slowly, and singing an awful HOKKIEN song. *Pulls hair*

9.16am – What, again, is the issue with these people? Why, do they always like to say that the others are rich, and then say that they are poor (when they are actually not)? When they are probably earning the same amount as the rest, but probably putting in more hours than them. When their lifestyle is equally comparable.

I don’t understand. I probably will never. Why does people like to compare about the money they earned? Don’t they have other topics to talk about, other than whether one is rich or not, and then start comparing the salary and what not, AGAIN???? -.-”’

2.20pm – Nope. I’m not.

3.18pm – I think. I really don’t like this job anymore. Can’t stand it when the boss talks in that tone.

5.24pm – It had been a long chat…

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