Here I am, sitting in front of a computer and typing away (before this), once again. Not for my blog or anything which I planned to do, but for the business that the lil’ hub wanted to start while he just sat beside me, and biting his nails away… Hmm… my half day leave which I’d gotten to sort my own things out and take a break before tomorrow, is almost gone, just like that. *LOL*

Well, it’s going to be a harsh month ahead, even without reading the “luck” that Joey Yap wrote for my Day Master, for the month of April (lunar calendar).


Work life being overwhelming? Yup, I can clearly see that coming, and thus the desperation to go for the holiday that was just over yesterday. And yup, it does seems impossible from what I see from here, if I want to do my office work, as well as the tons of things that I wanted to achieve for my own self. What’s more? My last module is starting next week. So I guess I can only take one step at a time, try and plan my things before execution each and everything.

So I better start to be a little more discipline in every aspect of my life, to have a better grab of the whole situation. I wouldn’t want myself to collapse. Exercise, TCM and sleep. The 3 basics that must be in my life for this period of time.

Breathe, dude, breathe.

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