9.16am – Alright, so I’m back in office, feeling fresh and pretty! *LOL* Okay, maybe not really for the latter, as fine lines are coming out after the few days of late nights. Well, it doesn’t matter for I’m feeling good. Agreed, it’s definitely important to take short breaks. Short enough to not disrupt your work, and long enough to get some decent rest. I won’t say that this break was splendid but it definitely break the normal mundane routine that I’d been having for the past year. Let’s hope I can plan for the next soon.

So what now? Well, I’ve probably already got a list of things to do, lining up in my head. A little jumble up still, so I’ll probably take the morning or whole of today (if I can afford to), to sort things out orderly. The energy’s level good so shall try not to waste it. It’s a short week for me, so that makes me a tad happier too! Ganbatte! Today is Wednesday!

10.37am – Nope, it’s not. But I guess it’s okay. I probably need the time to sort things out anyway. Firstly, shall go and re-visit the TCM later on. I need to replenish on my mental health when I’m so lack of sleep these days thanks to the sleep-late little milkie. And one who don’t allow me to sleep when she hasn’t sleep -.-”’

11.05am – I wonder how many times must McDonald’s learn, to know that the Hello Kitty’s fans are crazy, and that the bandwidth MUST be enough to cater to the rush… Sigh. Website down.

11.36am – Okay. Colleague got it for me. It’s a stupid site though. Really. I still couldn’t get it after half an hour. I wonder how my colleague managed to purchase it, TWICE. *infuriating*

1.41pm – So there goes my $200+ for 56 packets of medicine and consultation. But I think it’s worth it. Anyway, seems like it’s so clearly written on my face such that the moment I stepped into the doctor’s office, she asked if I’m very tired. *LOL* And then after feeling my pulse and looking at my tongue, she asked me to sleep early (as usual) as it’s going to affect my chance of conceiving, as well as affect my health badly. But how to? When the baby is not sleeping. She told me to wake her up early, but who is going to look after her? My parents don’t sleep till 3am, and I can’t possibly wake them up at 7am to look after the baby, right? So in the end, she asked me to take a power nap everyday during lunch time, for around 15-20 minutes.

And so… I’m also going to try and sleep, or at least, hit the bed by 11.30pm. I can’t do much to my baby when she simply refuses to sleep. And of recent, the lil’ hub doesn’t seem to show any sign (at all) of wanting to bring us back even for ad hoc days. Feel so not wanted… *LOL* Where’s my home??!!!! Sigh… whatever…

2.49pm – Just had a short chat with this colleague who came back after quitting 5 months ago. Apparently he seems to have enjoyed himself for the past months from all the touring to Germany, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Iceland, Nepal and Malaysia. That’s like almost on a monthly basis! Ah… How I wished I could do that now… Sigh… *staring at little milkie’s photos* Oh, so damn cute. How can I bear to leave her in my mum’s care while she cries like hell for me (if she ever did), and then my mum tired like crazy (although she kept commenting that I hardly helped much, if I were to really stop doing anything, it’ll be worse for her).

Oh well, will dropped that idea of travelling much till little milkie’s a little older. The Genting’s trip is a good gauge. At least I know it probably is alright for her to take on a long journey on coach. The next one will probably be on a plane? *LOL*

4.04pm – When a method doesn’t really work, it’s time to change that method and look for a better one. Let’s hope this will turn out a lot better. It’s still not too late to change.


5.18pm – Come to think of it… a month of a quarter is already gone and I’ve yet to complete any of my tasks listed this quarter… Die…

8.28pm – Okay, let’s try to be a little discipline now and organize the shoes. Hmm… will get little milkie to join in the matching of the pictures to the respective shoes. Hee hee hee…

8.59pm – Time to tidy the desktop a little…

11.01pm – Wow! This is beyond what I’m expecting. Little milkie is asking me to go to bed? Or is this another trap?

11.24pm – I really, really, really feel like whacking the lil’ hub. WHY, AGAIN, does he wants to come and play with her at this hour!!!!!!! *freaking mad* I’m not going to care if she wakes up after she finished her milk. Goodnight.

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