7.16am – Hmm… am awake before the alarm rings. Good morning.

7.32am – Oh. It’s here. That’s fast…

9.05am – Ah!!!! Someone’s caught in the carpark changing!!!!!! *LOL* Top only la… *LOL* Really, it’s so convenient to be a guy. Nobody cares when you change a top in the public, but whereas if it’s a female… Hmm…

9.16am – I am so FREAKING late for work.

10.13am – Sounds rude to be called by name + surname. *slightly irritated*

2.15pm – Back in the office. Erm… start doing work? Oh, no. I can rest till 3pm. *LOL*

2.28pm – And I was wondering where did that *piak* *piak* sound came from… the colleague sitting beside was apparently bursting the bubble wraps and had alerted another colleague too. Her comment? “It was very de-stressing.” Right… maybe to you… but not to me… *digging out the earphones*

3.51pm – You all shall die… *evil laughter* Okay, I’m not killing them literally but before they start killing me first (because of their stupidity), I need to save myself from it all, and implement this restriction. Sigh… almost yelled at one of them just now. Luckily I did hold back a little.

5.19pm – Just went to scare a colleague who dozed off in his seat. Better to be scared by me than taken photo by another department’s staff.

5.38pm – The lightning strikes and the thunder ROARS… Is this a little overkill? Or is there something in the sky that causes such anger?

5.40pm – WOW! That’s a STRIKE!! Damn… who is he trying to kill or scare?

5.45pm – It’s raining cats and dogs…

6.46pm – It’s a tad depressing to be hearing it again (this time round from a manager), stating that on the other side of the “island”, the people are not being rated fairly, but yet seems like nothing much can be done…

11.24pm – It’s equally heartbreaking as it is for me, as for you. Probably a lot more for me, to see her cry. But I don’t have a choice. I have to correct it now, while she’s still young, before it’s too late. I have the duty to guide her correctly (in my opinion). She’s my baby, my responsibility.

Here’s my baby, at almost 22 months old. Refusing to drink the milk that she’d requested just a while ago, and lied that she asked me to made it when I questioned her about it. All she did was cry… her usual way of escaping and refusing to do the things that she want. But alas, I’m neither her grandfather nor paternal grandmother (who will give in to everything that she wants), nor her maternal grandmother (who will probably give in after she cried for a long time), nor her dad & auntie (who probably don’t care so much as long as she stops crying).

I’m her mother. I’m a very patient person. I have good temper but doesn’t mean I don’t have a temper. I have a list of actions which I deemed not correct especially for a child who still can’t think for herself. I dote, but I don’t pamper (at least that’s what I kept reminding myself). If you did something wrong, I will discipline you. You wasted one whole bottle of milk, and worse still, you lied, and so you’ve lost your rights and privileges to do and play the things you’d want, till you admit your mistakes and correct it. Till then, I will still love you, but I won’t show it. I need you to understand (which I believe you do) what did you do that caused this result. I think you did, because after 10 minutes of crying and trying means and ways of wanting to do this and that (which I refused), you admitted that you asked me to make the milk, and requested to drink it. I let you, and got your granny to come in when you requested for it. And that’s because you admitted your mistakes, and thus you’ve gotten all your rights and privileges back.

It sometimes feels like I’m the only one disciplining you. But even if that is true, so be it.

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