6.31am – I woke up at the sound of little milkie asking for milk. I ignored her and then she asked for pacifier this time round. I found it and put it in her mouth. That shut her up. This was when I realized that something was there… someone was there… the lil’ hub is there, sleeping soundly on the bed… Hmm… when did he come?? O.O? *scratched head, baffled and went back to sleep*

8.01am – Gosh… why am I so tired??

10.52am – Did I eat something wrong yesterday?

11.02am – Monday. I never really like Monday, for I’ll most likely stone for more than half the day, wondering what I should do for the rest of the day and the week, and in the end with no conclusion. I don’t really like my job, if you were to ask me, and that probably explains why. It’s so… dull. There’s nothing interesting. There’s no pretty boys nor girls around. There’s no fun. Sigh… Dreading it so much at times… and then worse still, every now and then, there’s this 5S inspection where they check on the cleanliness of the workstation etc.

I ought to be out of here. A long time ago. But with the money that comes in every month, it’s difficult to just leave, when you’ve got those bills to pay. Am I stuck in the rat race? So how? I’ve got 2 more months to finish doing all the goals for this quarter and yet had no mood to do at all. Forever just catching up with all these mundane work. Where’s my life?

4.17pm – The skies darkened and there you were, staring right back, looking devastated. There’s no more turning back… so, move along…

6.03pm – Wow. When was the last time I lost track of time till such? Luckily I stayed back to do a little bit of things, otherwise, I’ll already be on my way back home. It’s my sister’s 38th birthday today! Goodness… 38… wow… wow… wow… *LOL* Anyway, will be celebrating hers and her friend’s one (tomorrow) later on. So ciao!


9.02pm – Damn the stupid camera on my phone – HTC One. I’ll probably condemn this phone because of the camera. iPhone’s so much better in terms of that. Sigh… shall try and send it for repair soon and then I’ll proceed with the plan to change the phone.

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