10.06am – It’s Tuesday and erm… right, it’s Tuesday. The sun is up high and bright. The wind is sleeping. Erm… *blank*

2.06pm – Attempted gym exercise failed, ended up at MOS burger. Wanted to try their new Saba rice burger but in the end decided against it due to the words on a sticker pasted there – “Bones within Saba”. Right, that sucks huh?

4.57pm – *GULP* Only $145 to spend this month?? O.O”’ I’ve got my new cake decoration module starting tomorrow, and then meeting my ex-colleagues as well too… *faintz*

5.05pm – Okay. I can do it. I can do it. No more excuses! Cannot let the lil’ hub see me no up!


5.47pm – DUMP ALL YOU WANT!! Another blue screen… really time for me to kill this office lappie? *LOL* My tech’s quite fast though. Posted on Facebook less than a minute and he came running along. Oops. Wasn’t really meant for you to see. I was just rambling :p


5.55pm – I think I’m falling in love… in love with Ice Blue… white and ice blue for the next house?? In country style? Hmm… shall start collecting pictures on it!

6.21pm – PACK UP!

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