Right. It’s early in the morning, and it’s been at least the third time since I came across such articles posted on my friend’s Facebook, on life lessons to learn while you are in your 30’s and what not. I’m in my 30’s, or am I not? Darn, I am, and almost mid way through it. *pressing on the panic button!* Yes, I should start to panic, especially when my plans ALWAYS go haywire half way down the road, and I’d never had a lump sum of savings at all, thanks to my spending nature. I don’t have the determination, and getting lesser nowadays. I know I had to start, to prepare for rainy days, lest something were to happen in the days to come.

So here it is. After spending time, reading through the articles written by various bloggers, I’d decided to come up with my own 31 days, to get things up and running, to stay organize (TRY) in the different aspect.

Basically, there’s 6 areas – time, stuff, inner, career, money, and family. And for each and every area, I simply need to remember 5 actions – THROW, DONATE, SELL, REUSE or KEEP. Well, maybe these actions are generally for the “stuff” area, but I guess the keeping part works for some other areas too.

Time is always an issue and I can’t spend weeks and months to get things right. So I’ll try the crash course way. Just 31 days, after work, back at home and doing whatever that is needed. Well, I’m a full time working mother that’s staying at my mother’s house with only one room available to put whatever “rubbish” that I have. If anything would help, staying organize and keeping the room tidy would be more than good enough (for now only, it’s never enough). Right, sis? *LOL*

Here goes the list…

Day 1: Money management
Day 2: Manage time
Day 3: Manage space
Day 4: Exercise
Day 5: Healthier life
Day 6: Dip Fried
Day 7: Pans & Play
Day 8: Women de Loft
Day 9: Petite Pep
Day 10: Milkie’s calendar
Day 11: Paying bills
Day 12: Receipts
Day 13: Home office
Day 14: Filing system
Day 15: Jewelry and accessories
Day 16: My wardrobe
Day 17: Shoes
Day 18: Makeup and cosmetics
Day 19: Milkie’s wardrobe
Day 20: Grocery shopping
Day 21: Mail
Day 22: Passwords, manuals & warranties
Day 23: Purses and briefcases
Day 24: Books
Day 25: CDs and DVDs
Day 26: Photographs
Day 27: Crafts
Day 28: Toys and games
Day 29: Wrapping paper and supplies
Day 30: Recipes
Day 31: Baking tools

It’s the umpteenth time that I’d tried but it’s okay! Ganbatte and try AGAIN!

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