On a joking note, it seems rather amusing to know that my friend seems to be getting his “just desserts” from his career as well as his relationship with his wife. I mean, of course, I do empathize with his situation, and that there’s seriously a very big issue with regards to that especially if it’s not going to be solved in the near future. But on the other hand, I can’t help but wonder, is he getting what he’s getting because of what he had done when he was younger?

Of course, he never did anything seriously bad but take for example. He used to be a pain in the *ss for our teachers, but after that, he ended up counselling people, and that people pisses him off badly. Again, it’s definitely a good thing, for the society, but why? And especially the things that he told me regarding he and his wife, I really can’t help but wonder if that the karma had come back to haunt him…

Karma, what goes around, comes around. Every action has a reaction.

My mum used to keep on repeatedly telling me not to find a husband or boyfriend that is a single child, and is a Cantonese, whom needs to stay with the parents. But yet I found one that met all these points. Are all these, the reactions to her actions? So does it means that karma might not occur onto you, but to your descendants?

It’s amazing right? In the sense of how the Universe works. By the time I die, would I (or anyone) figure out how the mind or karma, or anything puzzling, really works?

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