Thank goodness the chill out session wasn’t cancelled after all! And I definitely had quite a fun time sitting down, eating and drinking, and most importantly, relaxing.

This dinner was definitely more than what we had bargained for. We decided on the venue (as in Changi City Point) only because the driver’s wife is working around there, and thus she can join us after that. And when we reached, there were a few pub restaurants at level 1, which we couldn’t decide on. Finally picked this instead of the more crowded one because there was a small live band.

There’s quite a number of choices on the food as well as for the drinks selection. We ordered a set of samplers of beers as this restaurant has their own brewery. Well, I only like the original one (starting from the right most) which has a sweet and light honey taste. The second one was too bitter and dry for me. The third somewhat has a salty taste. One friend was commenting that it tastes soapy. Last one just didn’t leave much also ordered a bottle of white wine (named Cecilia) that came with half a dozen of oysters. And then 7 plates of food for the 4 of us.


Yummy? Yes. Definitely interesting for some of the food such as their sirloin cubes and luncheon fries! I’m not a steak fan but yet I find that relatively nice, other than the fact that it’s a little bloody. The luncheon fries was definitely interesting. And I thought it was some sort of potato and luncheon mixture. Who would have thought it’s really luncheon meat cut into slices and fried till crispy!

Overall, I quite like the ambience other than that there seems to be a few mozzies flying around, and that it would have been better if it’s a little bit more windy. The price was quite alright. A total of around $160, which includes a bottle of white wine (~$50), 1 set of 4 glasses of samplers (90ml), 3 glasses of beer, 6 plates of finger food and 1 pizza. It’s also not too bad for the fact that it’s located near to an MRT (Expo station).

Pretty sure that will be one of the choice for going back! ^^

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