1.15am – There’s a serious problem in letting little milkie sleep early… like before 9pm. Why? Because she’ll wake up after that, in the middle of the night, like now, and insists that she wants to play with her toy… -.-”’ And it’s really funny that after crying and trying her luck out, she searched for her grandpa, who is more of less the only one that will abide to all her requests. *LOL*

9.05am – Oh. And I almost forgot that my admin’s on leave today… Hmm… that left me alone… Hmm… and there’s no milo… damn. I need food.

9.22am – Okay. This is really bad. There’s no more milo everywhere. The management who controls this is REALLY terrible. Every time once they got the control back, the pantry will be short of so many things. Someone really needs to be sack from that department! Seems like he don’t go to the pantry for food either, or probably only drinks coffee for breakfast, lunch and tea break. Sigh… Looks like I’ll have to head down to the supermarket later to store some food for myself later. Going to have some REAL early lunch.

9.37am – Saved by a box of Hello Panda biscuits in the drawer. Thank goodness…


11.39am – Okay, quite a few things completed in the morning. Another 1, 2, 3 more things to do before I proceed with my own things. Shall continue all these after lunch. Let’s take a short break now!

12.36pm – *touching the hem of my top* Gee… did I wear the wrong side of my top since morning??? O.O”’

4.13pm – The more we dwell into it, the more confused I become. One says A, the other says B, and another says C. Who am I to believe?? O.O”’ Hmm… another hour to go. Maybe I should just take it easy…

5.21pm – Fashion jewellery… hmm… I think my mum will kill me… but… but… but…

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