Ramblings #0875

10.15am – Remember those times when you felt a little irritated when someone copied whatever that you buy or do? Well, I’m having a little sort of such feeling right at this moment. Of all people… why? And most irritatingly, it’s a gift!! I need to get a dust plug.

10.48am – Is it me? Or is the phone slowing down…?

11.03am – Wow. That’s another brainless and impulse buying! There goes my $350 in less than 20 minutes! But then again, I’d been eyeing it since quite a while ago, so maybe it’s not really considered im..pul..sive… right? Oops.

11.46am – Raining cats and dogs again. Hmm… I wonder why did the aliens come so frequently recently…

2.39pm – Today’s yoga was incredibly SHIOK! It wasn’t too straining nor was it too relaxing, plus there’s a lot of stretching done, so it’s good. Now… I wished so much I’m back in my home on the bed instead of in the office… Urgh. Life… Anyway, let’s try and get some work done.

3.07pm – Panic attacks!!

4.37pm – Okay… Let’s finish the claim so that we can take a walk and go down to submit. Then we’ll drink lots of water, and do a bit of the lil’ hub’s business and soon, it’ll be 5.30pm+++ and we can go back home. Okay. Let’s do it. Oh right, remember to wash the cup before I walk back home.

5.26pm – ANOTHER EXPLODING NEWS! The Indian colleague who I’d been talking to will NOT be renewed! Sigh… and I wondered why all those, that I feel, are good, had either all left… or are leaving… What is left in this company?? 10 months, 4 months, 1 month. Can’t seem to stay here anymore…

5.48pm – People are hopeless. Humans. Idiots. And they are everywhere. I wonder if my ancestors had this problem back then when there are just stones.

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