Ramblings #0878

8.57am – Crap. Please don’t rain!!! I don’t have an umbrella in this bag!

9.05am – Wow… it’s nice to see munchies on your table, sent with love from a colleague. But… nuts?


11.45am – Hmm… did I discover something…? Seems like it had been there all along but not utilized.

3.02pm – OKAY! All done for today! Shall rot in this meeting room until 4pm! It really feels quite nice and different to be working in a quiet room with your own privacy, compared to an open concept (still okay) and somewhat noisy area. Sigh… Guess I’m someone who needs peace and quiet in order to work.

Hmm… I like the keyboard of this lappie a lot… Lenovo… Am a little irritated by my Acer at home. Hmm… doubt a MacAir will make any different right? Hmm… why do I like my Sony so much previously??

5.01pm – Boss’s not around and the admin’s off! I also want to go off! *LOL*

5.48pm – Okay, that’s it. I’m logging off… Ciao!

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