Ah… the old spiderman is so much better than the new one… The amazing spiderman? Hmm… I wonder how amazing it is. I’m sorry, but I’d never watched “The Amazing Spiderman” before.

Anyway, it’s the season for all the superheroes movies to be coming out, and so Channel 5, as usual, will start to show all those related movies. And so here it is, today it’s Spider-man 3!

Starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Kirsten Dunst as Mary-Jane and James Franco as Harry Osborn (New Goblin), spider-man continues to embark on his journey with his new gain power.

So everything started fine with Peter balancing his life of having Mary-Jane in his life, and being a spider-man. But then as time goes by, he started to get a little too much of himself and neglected Mary-Jane. At the same time, his friend, Harry, becomes the new goblin and tries to seek revenge on spider-man for killing his father. The real killer of Uncle Ben, Flint Marko had turn into Sandman. And what’s more? A dark element from a meteor got attached onto spider-man’s suit and amplified his powers! And also the darker side of him…

Still as nice as since I’d watched it in 2007. Really. Furthermore, with so many enemies in this one.

Ah… and it’s always to think about what you can learn from a movie. For this one? Well, just remember that one shouldn’t get carried away when he/she is good at something. In fact, the better you are, the more humble you should become.

Enjoy this one.

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