Okay. I admit. I SUCK BIG TIME at time management. And still, on money management too. But the word is TRY right? Try, try and try.

To think that my time management can only be started like almost 2-3 weeks later, that’s really a… *cough*

Right. So I haven’t give up yet. And I’d spent several hours reading on whatever that I can find on the website, on how to plan your time and what not, the tips etc. And you know what? It doesn’t help. Why? Because most of them you know it, and I know it, but I just can’t find nor bring myself to do it!

So here’s what I’m going to do, for my time management, and I’m trying it for the umpteenth time.

(1) On a nice day, when your mood is good, the sky is clear, and you’ve got the time and motivation to start, THEN you start. Example, today. ^^ Or else, everything is pointless!
(2) Once the mood is there, then pick a tool. Be it a nice notebook or a very steady application online or on your phone, as long as it (or more than 1 tool) can achieve (i) a list of to-do’s to check off and (ii) a calendar. Personally, I have a physical notebook (from The Paper Stone), and am using the S planner in my Samsung Note 3 (link to my Google Calendar), AND also Google Keep, in case I don’t have my notebook around, and I’ll just take notes of it. Love these to bits though I’m not exactly using it totally yet.
(3) Start listing out all the things you want to do or have to do, and indicate the deadline, if any. If possible, prioritize them. I realized that this is a very important step.
(4) On your calendar, put in those events with deadlines. These slots are basically booked.
(5) If you really have a lot of things that you want to do, start planning out (on a piece of paper), the time allocated for each section. E.g. spending time with family once a week etc.
(6) Start putting in the events first, then the to-do’s into your calendar. But make sure that there’s time to rest and breathe, and is REALISTIC. DO NOT over pack it!
(7) If something can’t be finished according to plan, then shift the other events. Thus it’s always good to leave some “empty” hours or days where you can catch up with things. Especially for me, I’ve got a very impromptu family and it’s very hard for me to abide by my own schedule.
(8) That’s it! You are good to go! Re-check and repeat the procedures every now and then. Planning is important!

Let’s hope I can do this better than money management. *LOL*

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