9.08am – Oh. Almost forgotten that my privacy had been invaded from today onwards. Yes, it’s true that managers aren’t supposed and cannot just retrieve out the logs that shows what you are doing as it’s against the policy but hey, you never know… Furthermore, since this is a test run, I’m pretty sure they will bring up as a topic on the results and see if it’s workable. Ah… now even my blogs I had to use my note. * Change it to writing * Boy, am I glad that I have my note. It’s so cool! Okay, got to get back to work.


9.58am – And I felt so stressful every time I’m here. Wrong fengshui?

10.48am – Hit barrier. How to proceed from here? Hmm…

10.59am – It’s somewhat good to have a teammate that’s doing the security Stuff because you get to be informed first hand. But at the same time, since you are part of the team, ALL the more you can’t break the law! This is so infuriating!

4.59pm – The mood’s getting worse each day. How long can I take this?? With zero motivation and interest, I could hardly bring myself to focus on whatever that I need to do… Moreover, with those additional controls increasing, it simply gets on my nerves. How long do I have to wait?

7.09pm – There seems to be so many things going around here in the office. The structure will change once more. Be prepared to change and adapt shall you want to stay on.

8.20pm – Less than one more month, and she’s going to school. That would solve quite a bit of issues. Firstly, we all won’t have to worry about my dad bringing little milkie out without anyone’s knowledge. Secondly, my parents get to sleep till late in the morning. Lastly, she get to learn things in school. Isn’t it good? Of course it is! In my perspective, that is… Oh well, she already went to the park today. What to do? Just glad that she’s safe. BE patient. Be VERY patient.

11.56pm – What’s the one thing that will spur me to press on? When the lil’ hub kept pouring “cold water” on you. I need to prove to him that I’m better than him!! I will NOT be like him!

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