12.31am – I AM STILL AWAKE! Because the little rascal is still awake and screaming for food!!! Goodness… And I thought she’s supposed to be tired since she had an early afternoon nap today. Sigh…

1.19am – And there she goes, finally surrendering after I gave her a scolding and threatened to bring and look her in the room. It’s just a minute and she fell asleep. How tired she must be but yet insisted on keeping herself awake. Why? Could there be any underlying reasons?

It’s still raining. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt so lost. I need to find my direction soon. Help me.

7.11am – What is the time now?

7.22am – The gentle breeze with birds chirping and the sounds of cars moving continuously in the background. The day had already begun… With less than 6 hours of sleep, I’m more than awake but yet there just seems to be so many things that I need to do, thus despite the weariness and lack of motivation, I have to try harder. So, let’s just do it! Ohayou gozaimasu!


9.05am – Gee… I stared at him, dumbfounded for a while. “How are you?” doesn’t seem like an appropriate question when you know his contract had been terminated. But why? why do I sense some kind of injustice being done here?

10.01am – What’s with the China number?!! Step calling me! I’M irritated enough by some of your countrymen. So please stop irritating me further by your telemarketing!

1.52pm – Just finished an article written by a mom about sex education to her son. Indeed, it’s not common in our culture to talk and explain to our children about sex. I definitely don’t remember anything from my mom. All she said was “You don’t anyhow do anything okay?” Great. Seriously, how was I supposed to know what she really meant back then. I had to use my pea brain to decode whatever, that she feels, was to embarrass to be said. Would I explain it to my baby then? Hmm… Let me think about it. But I’m pretty sure I’ll do better than my mom. * L0L*

2.13pm – So excited! The principal from little milKie’s childcare just called and we are arranging for a tour next week! She called at the right time. I was intending to give her a call some time next week. So nice. So excited. So fun! Haha… I wonder who is the one enjoying it.

2.56pm – Why the sudden panic? Hmm… I was still fine for the whole morning until the principal called and got me all excited and then it came again.

4.02pm – Just did a test on EQ. Apparently my logics and emo genes seem to be happily in balance.

4.27pm – It’s the THIRD time that Prudential had called me today. Are they closing their sales for mid year? Hmm… But I don’t remember that they had one… Well, whatever it is, it’s still irritating.

And I LOVE my stylus pen! ^^

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