Ramblings # 0882

1.07pm – Or maybe I can change my profession after I quit? Classmate just mentioned that bakeries recognize the diploma in Australia. I wonder if it does the same over here.

1.42pm -The NS line is getting shakier & shakier. It ROCKS! WTH. *LOL*

2.12pm – I’m so late! But what to do when there’s a long queue of peeps waiting for cabs. Ah… and cab drivers are still complaining about the lack of business…

5.15pm – Thinking process. Hmm… I think I analyse things pretty well. But that would raise a lot of questions too. Oh for goodness sake! Can someone switch off that bloody alarm! Dismiss or snooze it! It’s been ringing forever!

6.05pm – On a working date with the lil’ hub. Jia you & get out of IT! Hmm… Nah… I think I would still be happier if it’s my own business.

8.34pm – Stuffy. Why the hell do I want to agree to stay and wait for the lil’ hub in the car? With the air-con off. Hey, mind you. It’s illegal to switch on the engine when the car is stationary. I am only trying to be a good citizen. But boy… *sweat*

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