Ramblings #0883

12.25am – I peeped and saw her sitting there, playing with her toys. 0MG. She’s awake!

2.06am – She’s finally asleep… Shhh… Good night. Sweet dreams.

9.09am – Sigh… Why can’t he just take full charge of it! Especially when he is the one who wanted to do this. Sigh. My time is already packed.

9.24am – I am not balancing it! Time is not enough… But when is it ever enough? Sigh… People envy me, I envy people. I do admit though, that my job ain’t very difficult or taxing. And that makes me wonder if I should try and excel in it. Then again, for something that I don’t love?

9.45am – No. In fact, I really don’t have the energy to engage in a debate with you, about me. I’m exhausted from the lack of sleep and from the dependency of the lil’ hub, plus that many things on my list. Yes, I think too much, WAY too much. So should I stop now?

11.50am – What do you do when everything comes to you at the same time? You try and take it one step at a time.

12.15pm – I’m so troublesome today. Double cheeseburger with no pickles. Fries with no salt. Ice milo without ice. Luckily the cashier never give me a black face. *LOL*

1.43pm – Great. l forgot my roller. How to cover cake?!!

2.01pm – Put everything in my mum’s house since l’m staying there? Sigh… If everything were that easy. Where the hell am I going to put all those barangs?

3.19pm – Fatigue.

3.31pm – A colleague’s child just asked the mum to buy a watch. A G-shock. $150. Wow. What are the kid’s thinking nowadays?

4.14pm – l think I’m too tired. I feel like puking and sleeping at the same time. Wow. It’s already past 4pm. Time flies today! Whee-wee!

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