Ramblings #0884

10.25am – It’s Friday! And more news ahead!

Firstly, we’ve got the Taiwanese guy who went on a killing spree on a train in Taipei that kills 4 and injured 22 others. Heard that he had wanted to die since young but am scare of pain. But would killing the innocents make it easier, on your conscience?

Next, we’ve got our leopard lady today. I’m sorry but am never a fan of animal prints. And the only 2 items that I have is the Nubra which I was coaxed to buy but had not worn once before because I simply found it too damn gross and then the other is a panty, bought by my sister, deliberately (I think). Anyway, it doesn’t look good on her, especially with all that combination of hers (track pants & shoes). I’m sorry again. But I really can’t stop giggling.

And then we’ve got the ‘OMG. It’s such a coincidence.’ Except that I wished it wasn’t that. Just a day ago, I was still happily talking about making a mobile for little milkie & then now I saw it being done. Nonetheless I’ll still proceed to do it as it’s a promise.

The lil’ hub had breakfast with me & my admin just now. Not too sure what he will be doing later. I just feel he should be more lnthu with his business if he really intends to start one. Same for me too. I really need to buck up!

Lastly, my admin asked if it’s going to be the end of the world soon because she found the whole island sinking and always flooding. Yes, it’s just a matter of time. And I hope it won’t be this or little milkie’s generation. This island is not sinking. It’s just the sea level rising. And with that amount of infrastructure, there’s no way the water can seep as much and as fast As in the past. The Marina Barrage that was built also affects how fast water can get out into the sea. Read more news, be more observant, that will be what I asked of you. Go to East Coast Park and you will see the difference. Some of the breakwaters weren’t that high in the past. The coast used to be further and so were some of the newly built breakwaters. Refill land? How much can you refill?

Shall stop. I need to get back to work. Meanwhile, life still goes on.

1.24pm – Am somewhere near Aljunied MRT having lunch. Fried hokkien prawn mee in a coffeeshop where the wanton mee seems to be quite popular. Koung’s Wan Tan Mee? Maybe I’ll try next time. The one that I’m having now. Not really the best but edible though.

2.06pm – Doesn’t feel good when your boss walks from point A to B, and seems to be deliberately walking behind you.

2.11pm – And she walks pass again! Hello?

4.07pm – The 4 of us looked at each other, bewildered, as the phone continued to ring. Who could it be? When none of us connected the phone into our device. My boss finally picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”. She repeated it thrice and there was no one at the other end of the line…

5.28pm – Oh, come on! Read your emails!

5.55pm – Oops. I just LOL literally in the office after a friend commented that the other looked like dumb and dumber. I laughed, because he really looked like one. *ROFL* Ah… nice way to end a work day.

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