Ramblings #0897

9.26am – I felt like giving a mask to my admin so that she can stop coughing and sneezing into the air. Yes, I know it’s freaking hot and uncomfortable to wear that. But it’s for the good of other people! Don’t force me to wear…

9.32am – Wow. Seems like a lot of people are sick. Flu bugs are here! Everyone take note! Mozzies too!

11.02am – Looks like the boss really minds not being told when her subordinates work from home. Of course. Who wouldn’t be when 2/3 of her strength ain’t around without her knowing. I had better start coming earlier or stay later too.

11.29am – Maybe it’s time to check…

12.25pm – Nope. I’m clear to go for the wake tonight.

1.34pm – And now I wondered, if its actually a loss, twice. I am pretty sure I saw the fainted line previously.

1.38pm – Thunder roared. They are here again. Hmm… what’s the occasion? Yes, it’s normal for it to rain over here. But, on days in June? Simply doesn’t sound right to me. Or maybe I’m just nuts to think too much.

1.47pm – Strike one! *Booooom*

1.55pm – Strike two! * Boooom *

4.32pm – A little warmth brought through the line in such cold weather and mood. How nice it would be, if only it can be touched. And how nice it would even more be, if only there was some positive news. Alas, I guess that’s life. Nothing can be controlled nor probably predicted.

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