It’s as if my brain is not packed enough, nor my worries ain’t enough. I’m constantly bombarded by the opposition. WHY? Why can’t people for once be on my side for a long period of time. Or am I always choosing the wrong and making the wrong decision?

There are reasons why I hate seeing my MIL and parents getting together because they don’t seem to have much topics to talk about other than “we shouldn’t let milkie go to a childcare at such young age.” Right. Why? For the fear that she’s going to be tortured? For the fear that she’s going to go on a food strike? For the fear that she’s going to cry until her voice turns hoarse? For the fear that she’s going to get such a fright till she can’t sleep for days and dare not go to school in future? Then when? At 7 when it’s compulsory for her to go to a school? THIS, is the reason why, your son and your daughters are probably only average earners. And not (for me) doing something that they like. No, there’s nothing wrong with your decisions, especially for your generation. But it’s a different era nowadays. I’d gone through a very bad experience, turning from a very quiet girl till one who dares to speak up, thanks not to my mum, but to my Chemistry teacher at an age where I knew so many things but had to bear with it. Isn’t it good for little milkie to learn it at an age where she’s just absorbing and absorbing? Anyway, did I hear you telling me not to go to school in the past? Sigh. Wish I can shut my ears off.

And then I’ve got the mercenary lil’ hub who would rather save the $800 a month than to send his little baby to a relatively (by right) better school. Yes, I may get to save almost $10k by asking my mum to look after her. But hey, it’s the age to learn as much as one can, money can always be earned back!

What’s more? Just because I’m a tad busy last week and couldn’t make out the time to SMS my ex-colleague for your business, and I’m watching TV, and not listening to your request for attending to little milkie, you get to me angry and reprimand me, and said one kid is enough! WHAT THE HELL! Even if there’s a decision to decide on one kid, you have absolutely NO RIGHTS! Who the hell had been the one doing more things? Did I ever complain much or get angry with you for lazing around?

I don’t get it. You guys all suck despite the fact that I still love you all (not all but most).

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