Ramblings #0898

9.17am – Not here yet. On MC? Seriously, almost on a Monday? Sigh… You have the strength to go run this marathon and that marathon on a sunday, and then not coming into office on a Monday. I’m sorry but somehow it just doesn’t seem right to me.

And the other one also not here. Are we having any offsite meeting that I don’t know of?

9.23am – Okay, they here. Coughing.

12.54pm – The cough is probably worse than me but yet refusing to wear and insist that she’s recovering. Oh for goodness sake. You are coughing more often than me!

I just stuffed a mask to my admin but I doubted she will wear it. Here’s what she said, “Huh? Do I really need to wear this? Like that I rather don’t come to the office.” *facepalm* That’s our world. That’s Singapore. We can never be a gracious country because everyone is only thinking about themselves. Sigh.

2.01pm – Time to start working. Hmm… not really in a good mood today. Am pissed with quite a number of things and people. I think I should talk lesser today.

3.11pm – And I almost thought it’s both my headphone and earphone that are spoilt.

3.42pm – And she got bumped by the brother, fell down and knocked her head again. Poor little milkie… I want to go home now!

5.11pm – I think my company going bankrupt soon. Can’t even afford to stock up for the food in the pantries.

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