What are we facing here? I don’t know. It’s the era of the awakening. It’s the era of chaos, shall the people at the top continues to do whatever that they thought deems fit.

Again, I’m not one who enjoys reading and knowing anything about politics or government. So far, the only few that I know are probably our KFC look-a-like uncle president, our PM, TCH and TSL. That’s about it for those who are still relatively active on board. Again, I don’t really care about much of the things until I felt that I’m affected, and that my next generation will be affected.

Defamation of the PM and got sued. I have no idea whether to call that “Foolish” or “Courage”. But indeed, it did reflect the fact that our leaders are still having the same thinking as per the olden times. That is, to use laws to “silence” out the voice of the people. And that action simply goes against those words that were said about “listening to the people”. Are they? And what is so secretive about not letting the people know where did the money of the CPF go to? Is it indeed, that the actual numbers weren’t really as what was stated? That is, the kind of question that is going through my pea brain when our leaders had to go to such length as to try and cover up (somewhat it feels like that) what a pawn had said.

Denial. Would it be better if everything was left in the open? Yes, and no. Again, I’m not a business student and I’m not into Economics. But I do somewhat know that shall the truth (if there really is one) be told, the Singapore economy will definitely be affected. How? I have no idea. And THAT worries me because I have no idea how it’s going to affect me. And that puts me in a position where I want to find out more.

One of my favourite authors when I was young, Catherine Lim, wrote it well, but will our PM listen to that? I wished but I doubted that.

On a higher level, do we really need to care for such minor things when there are bigger worries out there? If it’s really that bad over here, then why not just migrate? No, it’s not that easy… Even if one were to ignore the love for his/her country, familes and friends, and what not, it’s not that easy.

Conspiracies. It’s everywhere, believe it or not. MH370 is still a missing puzzle. And it’s probably not the only one. Like the rest of it, when the news gets boring, it will slowly and definitely go missing like the plane itself. And then the next you know, it will simply be one of the “accidents” that can’t be explained. A mystery.

Again, we are just pawns. As long as you keep on praying that you don’t end up in the same boat, literally, with those on “Wanted List”, you don’t have to worry too much about this.

So what next? Climate. Atmosphere. Earth. Global crisis. What are those people hiding? Are you listening to your Mother Earth?

The balance had long been disrupted since Man wanted to be God, and this had triggered the cycle. The cycle of disruption. The cycle of destruction. The Man brought it all upon themselves. Again, we are just pawns. Ignorant pawns, who didn’t realise what is happening around them. But does it means it’s beyond hope? It might not be yet. I do hope we hadn’t reached the point of no return for that would means the end of our future generations. That would means some of the scenes of the movies will come true. Which one, I don’t know.

“There’s none so blind as those who will not listen.” ― Neil Gaiman

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