Peace at last.

There’s no other thoughts. Simply just that.

I’m on MC today, after waking up at the wee hours because a baby requested to remove the cooling pad off her forehead, and then followed by the feeding of medication (38.6 degrees celsius) and milk. Thought would be able to sleep after that, but the snoring from her grandma gave her a fright times and again. By the time I woke up in the morning, I was exhausted, both from the cough syrup and lack of sleep.

Sick. When one is sick, one would love to just rest and rest. But that’s something that I could never ask for, since young. There’s always the extra element – nags. Yes, nags from the mum. No idea what I meant? Just imagine when you are feeling sick and giddy, and then someone kept on saying that it’s because you ate too much fried food, never drink water, and probably the chilli padi topic came out of nowhere. In the worst case, like today, it was topped up with “You better keep your things over here, and there…”. Okay, fine, I know I need to keep, but I’m on MC. You know, MC, a.k.a. medical certificate, and I am unfit for work, which I supposed include household chores? Sigh…

That’s not all. Just as I tried to grab some sleep, the little one came along and insisted on asking me to play with her, or otherwise (I have no idea where she learned it from) sat on my face when I’m sleeping on the floor. She’s in a bad mood, I know, she’s sick too, but so am I. Crying isn’t the solution over here but yet she kept on using it. It was only during her afternoon nap that I managed to grab some decent rest until a head came banging into my ribs. Ouch. That’s what happened when you are sleeping beside a toddler.

The weather’s bad. The fever never really subside. Rest is hardly enough. And I still got a cute lil’ hub who actually asked me this, “You know, if you don’t like, I can give excuse for not going.” Erm… hello? Do you expect me to say NO? NO WAY! That would end up being my fault again for telling you not to go! If you feel bad for going and not taking care of us, you should be the one who volunteered for it, and not asking me! *facepalm*

So right, I’m taking a 10 minutes break over here while the crazy toddler is at my aunt’s house taking her dinner with her grandma. After that I’ll need to pack a little before the grandma comes back and repeat the same thing again. You know, now I’m simply praying that all will be well when little milkie goes to the childcare. Otherwise, I’ll definitely have at least 40 fingers pointing at me. That’s somewhat how pathetic my life is.

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