Ramblings #0899

7.55am – It was a state of chaos. The alarm had just went off shortly earlier, and the lil’ hub had woken up to check on little milkie, to only come back to wake me up as he wasn’t sure of what he was seeing. I too, got a shock when I saw the digit on the thermometer. And so, I measured again, this time round, it states 39.7 degree celsius. Am I seeing right? Yes, I think so, because she did feel hot. Without much hesitation, we decided to bring her to visit the doctor.

But then, really… it was in such time of chaos where you realise who you can depend on to make logical decisions. For me, in a way, none. There’s no leader in my house who can rise up from the chaotic situation and tell me what I need to do while I simply execute it. My dad’s always making weird suggestions which though logical at times, it simply doesn’t sound that right when it comes from him. My mum can’t even stay calm when little milkie goes for her injection. As for the lil’ hub, sigh… he had no idea where to start, nor what to do. What’s even more funny? He kept asking little milkie questions like, “Are you okay?”, “Do you feel pain anywhere?” etc. Erm… at a temperature where she probably felt too groggy to reply, and with her legs shaking when she’s standing still? Hmm… you might as well just spend the time to pack her stuff so that we can go off earlier? *LOL*

10.14am – Stop acting cute, you lil’ hub! *Laughing my ass off when I saw the lil’ hub trying to find the “enclosed overleaf” outside the box*

6.02pm – Hmm… I didn’t realise that the popiah is a little spicy. Oops, sorry little milkie…

7.37pm – Walking here and there is indeed, tiring.

11.20pm – *LOL* Oh my goodness, what can I say about my lil’ hub… it was definitely sweet of him to make that cup of milo for me. But unable to differentiate between tablespoon and teaspoon? *LOL* In the end? I drank a cup of milo made from 4 tablespoons of milo. *LMAO again*


Here’s my sweet milo, made with love… ^^

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