3.40am – Just read an article on FB about genetically modified mozzies. Goodness, what are those scientists trying to prove?!! It’s no wonder men are destined to kill themselves.

9.10am – Shall eat poison to fight poison. Roti prata, here I come!

10.25am – Around 45 days late already. Hmm…

1.41pm – Wow. And you dare to say you wore a mask to sleep just so you won’t spread it to your kid. So it means you don’t mind spreading it to other people in the office or around you because you refuse to wear it now, right?! Goodness!!

4.14pm – I have nothing personally against you, really. But you might consider writing the email in a less sarcastic manner so that I won’t feel irritated by it?

I just finished replying an email to the Rising Star. Woo… Sounds familiar huh? Oh yes. It’s been quite a long while since we’ve crossed each other’s path. He must be feeling too bored to want to send such emails again. I bet he never expect to receive audit issue because of a small complaint that he made. Blame it on his lack of knowledge and approved blindly, just so to make his SLA looks nice. Too bad, now he had to answer for quite a number of things.

Sigh. People. Always picking up on others. A query or suggestion on improving the report would have been much better instead of directly shooting and blaming other people before finding out the truth. Once again, the villain lost to stupidity.

4.24pm – Maybe I’m not suitable for this job. Somehow, the anxiety level seems to be up and I can’t relax.

5.55pm – 1 out of 5. Damn, wasted half the day on replying the stupid email. If only people can stop writing such emails, we would have saved a lot of time! Sigh…


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