Ramblings #0901

5.00am – Am I seeing wrongly? 39.7°C again? I thought the fever wasn’t here for almost 6 hours without medication already?!

5.02am – It’s as if the virus is playing a plank on all of us. 0nce I brought the medication over, little milkie was perspiring all over already.

5.32am – It’s time for a drinking session. My baby sure has a lot of demands…

6.18am – How am I supposed to get to sleep? It’s so difficult… *cry*

8.52am – Ooooh… Pink wardrobe? Hmm… Can seriously consider. Shall call home later.

8.59am – I’m glad I’m not any later than when my lil’ hub sent me here. It’s Friday the 13th. Be careful.

9.50am – Hmm… Somehow, I stopped at commenting. Why?

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