Ramblings #0903

8.35am – How did I end up with 5d 17h of shield for my Clash of Clans? Hmm… there’s no declaration of war… any that will give only a day. I don’t think there’s any bug, right? *Pondering… … … DING!!* I looked to the right of the screen and… HOW DID MY GEMS DROPPED BY 200+!!! *Recalling on little milkie showing me how good she is yesterday, to click into this game of mine* OMG… that day suddenly I have a new horse in Hay Day, now I’ve got a shield…


9.26am – The fever had finally gone down, hopefully permanently. Today is Sunday. Feels like I hardly rested. Am still rather sleepy in fact, but when you got woken up due to the coughing every now and then, it doesn’t and won’t give you a satisfying sleep. And after yesterday’s demo on taking medication (my cough syrup), and concussing shortly after, I don’t think I dare to take that today. I’ve got to pack the room a little. Hmm…

9.42am – Oh, almost forgotten. HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY!!!

10.49am – Talking to the lil’ hub can at times, be a pain in the ass. We haven’t even bought our new house and are actually arguing what type of washing machine to get next time. He wanted a top load, I wanted a front. No, wrong, I’m pretty sure it’s his MUM who wanted a top load. Sure, go ahead, that’s what I was thinking. You can do anything to your own house when you move back. I already gave up my electric stove, bought a rack and put into the living room, covered all my eyes and ears, and what else do you want?

I am lazy and I won’t use. Right. At least I’ve washed before. It’s precisely because of you, lil’ hub, that sometimes I don’t feel like going back to my own house. I don’t feel like I have any rights to talk over there. *irritated*

I don’t even want to mention the fact that now it’s YOU, who dare not bring us back. But I’m pretty sure you are just going to put the blame on me. That’s what you do best. After which, is playing games.

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