Ramblings #0904

1.12am – It was a tough decision, between getting a good sleep and having a sober day. But I had to make one, and so I did. I can feel it taking over me, slowly but surely, like the day before. But today, I’m not fighting against it. I’m waiting… and waiting… it won’t take long… it’s coming…

9.18am – Just reached office. Overslept. So here’s a new drowsy morning, with one long list of things to do. There’s only ONE motive today – spread the virus back to my admin. *LOL* I’m just kidding. Good morning.

10.22am – Doing audit but have no idea what is the scope. It’s like anything that my boss asked me to do.

10.54am – Alright. I wasn’t in that perfect a mood especially when I heard you said “definitely will spread”. No, it doesn’t have to be that way if everyone just practices a little bit more of social responsibility. It’s precisely because of your such kind of thoughts everywhere, and thus the virus can prevail! Sigh. Selfish humans.

12.26pm – Erm… Did I say it deliberately about social responsibility when another colleague asked about my mask just now? *grin*

1.47pm – Gosh. So packed.

4.37pm – It’s already 4.37pm and I haven’t even started auditing on the other part yet. Sigh… You know, I left my wallet and EZ link card at home today again. AND the mask. Looks like the cough is killing up a lot of my brain cells. On a nice note, though a little sad, I get to have more time when my friend couldn’t do the dessert table this weekend. Will try and spend some time to sort things out too. Well, at least the big bulk of Project Ice Blue is done! 215 items.

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