Ramblings #0905

12.57am – Feels like going back to Taiwan to take all those nice nice studio photos. But how to? When *stares down at own stomach* I look more like an auntie now… *sulk*

8.09am – The phone rang and I dashed to pick it up, hoping that no one would be woken by it. Who, the hell, would want to call early in the morning?

X: Hello? Is (milkie) ok?
Me: Erm… *thinking hard who could it be* Yes, okay already.
X: Okay, eh… that (lil’ hub) never bring his house keys… …
Me: *Ooooooh… my MIL… intro mah… -.-”’*

10.05am – Wow. That is a lot of sh*t. Must be the accumulation for the past few days. Glad it’s out now.

10.20am – I must have been dreaming. To think that filling up my bottle with hot water from the water cooler machine would also end up scalding myself. Focus, girl!

1.14pm – Which idiot threw a bottle’s cap on the floor?! Almost cause me to twist my ankle again! Bloody hell.

1.4Opm – The people nowadays have no courtesy at all. The pathway is only that small. And you need to go through a long period of diet before you can squeeze with me. Why can’t you let me walk first when I’m already more than half way there?! That’s EXACTLY how each generation gets worse.

I think its seriously time for the government to invest heavily on courtesy campaigns before our next generations all become haughty self-centered people.

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