8.37am – And there she goes again. Going crazy…

11.56pm – PMS? Not me. But I felt like sh*t when I’m stuck between my lunch kakis… Humans, emotional beings, so easily affected by their own feelings. An argument with the spouse would spoil your day, and then you pass it on to another person. How easy, and how selfish can that be… Pass on the good, peeps…

2.33pm – You know, sometimes when you are holding something too strongly, you expect the rest of the people to believe you but in the end get disappointed, you start to get a little too carried away and condemned anyone and everyone who went the slightest bit against your idea.

I really don’t know what’s the problem here or what had happened when you talked to the previous 9, but I do felt a little offended when you started to go into denial, and insisted that I forget everything that was mentioned. I’m left… speechless.

3.03pm – *Background song: Once upon a dream* Today, is a dark day, with clouds looming at the top. Is it going to rain? Yes, it could have already, for some. It’s weird, isn’t it? The unexpected blow, from the unexpected. Maybe some sweet stuffs will help? Yes, it might just, I hope.


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