Thoughts – Frustrations & Confusions

An attempt to confirm, clarify and finalize the sort of business we want to do based on the ancient Chinese method of the calculation of the 4 pillars yesterday, of the lil’ hub and I, ended up in frustrations (from him) and confusions (from me).

And SO, we have been told a lot of things by Auntie Yang about each of us, based on our birth characters. As a believer and reader of such metaphysics, I was always fascinated by how and what the others can interpret from it. And in the process, I learned. And I also understand the fact that there’s no 100% accuracy because everyone’s life is interweaved and free will is something that is beyond the control of fate, if you want to call it that. Lastly, interpretation by different readers may varies too, based on what they knows, and these, are my expectations.

So there we are, with me going first and Auntie Yang telling me some of the following, about me:

  • Clever, results and qualifications weren’t too bad
  • Good and obedient girl with loving and doting parents
  • A life with not much hiccups and doesn’t have to worry much
  • High expectation, expecially of the spouse (right, I think it’s karma and thus I almost had zero expectation now, consciously constantly)
  • Pretty, obedient¬†and clever children, minimum 2 and maximum 5 (no, I’ll stay at 2… hmmm the lil’ hub was wondering why she never mentioned crazy, *LOL*)
  • Don’t like to eat meat, sweet stuffs nor rice (which I have to eat)
  • Gastric and leg issues (damn it)
  • A doting husband (really??????!!! where?!! *LOL*)
  • Can do business, ATAS ones, deals anything with Fire element and better to start doing NOW
  • A lot of peach blossom so MUST beware because it doesn’t last more than 5 years (and she repeated this the most often… >.<)
  • 2378, red, yellow, green, jade and red ruby

And then about the lil’¬†hub:

  • Very clever too, but into 2 parts – the conservative and tradition kind and the modernise thoughts
  • Insist on following the traditional thinking (yes, it’s always the male side first… who cares?)
  • More particular with the spouse than with his own family (tmd)
  • Will have a pretty wife (OH YEAH!!!)
  • Loves wife more than the wife loves him (really? hmm… really? maybe…? oops)
  • Overly dependance, and need the wife to push him from behind to get things done (DAMN, DAMN, DAMN)
  • Very thin skin because face is very important to him, ego too high
  • Get angry very easily because cannot take things lightly (sounded so true… poor me…)
  • Doesn’t have to worry much about money too
  • Can do business, but maybe after 42 years old will be better, do fruits stuff
  • Constipation issue
  • Should drink more water and vegetables. Less meat
  • 49, white, black, blue, all sorts of gold

Well, all’s well until the kind of business that he should do because whatever that he plans to do, I SHOULD be the one that’s doing it BUT I’m not really interested, and worst thing is, it requires me to quit my job!! How, to proceed from here?

Sigh. Anyway, it’s an interesting read, and if you wish to find out who and where this Auntie Yang is, let me know. $120 per read (for one person).

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