Movie – Shark Zone

I should really stop watching such rubbish and low budget movie, and instead, grabbed some more beauty sleep while I can. Why does TCS want to spend money (not even a least bit) on these kind of movies every late night Saturday? Urgh.

It’s time for another scary, thriller, horror movie or whatever that is, on sharks. Glad at least, it’s not some giant or mutated sharks, and that’s why had also thought that it MIGHT be slightly better than those previously watched but…


Anyway, Shark Zone. Starring, I have no idea and don’t bother to check. There’s no pretty ladies or handsome guys. First started off narrating that there’s a sunken ship a long time ago, and then showing a group of around 6 people diving down to see if there’s any treasure. And then they got separated while deep in the ocean with the couple swimming towards the ship first. SUDDENLY, a shark came (and this scene was reused a few more times in the later part of the movie -.-”’) and then there were screams from the guy, followed by his necklace dropping down. Then seconds later, screams from the lady, and some blood in the sea. And then a shock face from the third guy slightly further away, followed by the scene of the shark coming (same as previous, literally just face of the shark), and then screams, and some body parts floating, and blood, and screams from the fourth guy, and then the fifth guy (old man), with him shouting to the son, “Swim! Swim!”

And so, there comes our main actor, the younger boy, who swam, with a tail following him behind, and of which doesn’t seem to swim faster than him. And then TADA! He caught hold of the rope dropped by the helicopter and got rescued.

The rest of the movie is 10 years later, showing the guy working there at the beach. And I really don’t bother to say the rest.

It’s really quite a dumb show, with repetitive scenes that doesn’t look real at all. It’s like individual scene taken by itself and poorly joined together. Imagine one scene showing the bums of a lady, and the next is screams and blood. That’s about it for all attacks. The peeps in that movie looks dumb too, fancy knowing that there’s a shark nearby and still never move at all.

Sigh… I probably should have opted for World Cup rather than this. Time wasted. Shall not bother to watch the movie at this timing next week.

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